Redheaded Devil Child at the snow

Right… we are about to leave. Man I’m excited/scared.

Did I mention there are approximately 15 childless 20-something-year-olds with a tendency to binge drink heading along? Will make for an interesting weekend. Here’s hoping my anxiety about the situation is unfounded.

I am only part of the way through the snow gloves and managed to lose Hannah’s hat last weekend so may cast on for one of those to knit too. The forecast is for snow tomorrow so I may just get to knit all day. Sunday is looking marginally good so here’s hoping we actually make it up the mountain.

Must be off. Enjoy your weekend!



7 thoughts on “Redheaded Devil Child at the snow

  1. Oooo! Have fun! The husband and I are going on a dinner cruise on Auckland harbour tomorrow night (we are recipients of a v. cool re-gift) – I’m worried we’ll sink or something. I’m sure that we’ll both be fine with our respective weekend plans 🙂


  2. I had similar anxieties when we went to the snow with our kids and 20-something childless mates last year. We had a great time and none of my fears came to pass. I’m sure it will be the same for you.Hope you have a fab time!


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