On raising a genius

I’m back and we survived… more tonight with pics.

In the mean time, a little update of how I am going in teaching the Devil Child about the complicated things in life…

Hannah: [Staring pensively out the window at the sky] Mum, what do clouds feel like?

Nikki: Uhhhh… [mutters] fecking hell! Errrrmmm… *sees another selling point for the iphone – I would’ve killed for access to google at that point* Well, clouds are made from water vapour so uh, I guess they feel cold. And wet. Yeah, cold and wet.

Hannah: [Looks at me blankly]

Nikki: Hannah, we’ve talked about how clouds are made right? Do you remember about evaporation?

Hannah: [Another blank look]

Dan* pipes up: They feel like marshmellows.

Hannah: Oh cool! Marshmellows!

Nikki: [Shakes her head with despondency]

*Dan is the friend I went to the snow with.


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