Snow bunnies

Saturday on the way to Turoa, Mt Ruapehu

Getting tired so there will be minimal commentary.

At the snow there was some of this:

And quite a bit of this: (sick of mum taking photos)

Hannah made some new friends:

Ate some damn good food:

A bit of dancing:
And a lot of running:
Let me just say on the whole snow experience that snow up mittens = grumpy toddly.

Grumpy toddly = mum having to pull toddly toad up the hill on her sled.

Mum having to pull 15kg child in sled up a hill in the snow = tired mum.

Tired mum = grumpy mum.

Grumpy mum + grumpy toddly = going home early and cooking roast.

So yeah, good times. Han was a darling and everyone else was super cool. My fears were totally unfounded!


9 thoughts on “Snow bunnies

  1. Looks like fun! I’m jealous, will have to wait until next year for some snow. We had to do the same thing with dragging a toddler up the slope – but luckily I managed to convince the man to do it instead πŸ˜›


  2. Great pics! It kinda brings back memories from my childhood when we would go ski-ing, my parents and their FOUR lovely well behaved sweet kiddens. Especially moi eh. But really the greatest of memories, so Hannah will LURVE you for it when she is an adult (I know it sounds like three lives away darlings, but one day…)XX Lies


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