Ooooh look. My ramblings have impressed someone!

The lovely, eternally wise, and terribly clever Nova J bestowed upon me the award of Kreativ Blogger. I’ll not hold it against whoever started this thing that they butchered the word creative because it’s just so damn exciting.

Now what are the rules? Do I nominate people? What happens?

Right… traced the award back a few and it seems I nominate 5 blogs. Eeeeek. Only 5?

Man alive this is hard. Can I just say that everyone on my sidebar rocks aplenty? Actually… more than them but I’m loving the feed reader at the moment so am slack with updating the blog roll.

So that makes me the worst award giver ever doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “

  1. hi nicky//i mean nikki/ gosh I don’t know how to spell your name, SHAME.congrats on your award, you deserving you knitting, sewing and (most of all) writing hilariously machine. creativity to boot!okay technical question:the other day you responded to my comment directly with an email… how DID you do that? I didn’t think blogger was that there some automatic thing I can set up on blogger so I can directly respond to comments with email??? please please please share your blogger pearls of wisdom. I will be your indentured servant for 3-5 years if you let me in on the secret.


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