New leaf… or petal… or something

I’m back but not quite back yet… I’ve just returned from a crafty night at Juniper and have limited time to throw photos, thoughts, words, knitting, kiddo tales, and experiences at you before I really must get to bed. So. Short and sweet.

I have a new plan. It involves being organised.

I’m hoping to stem my usual rambling and concentrate my posts on a topic so it isn’t the usual stuff, “I’m bored. Work sucks. The kid is a demon… etc etc”

So in the near future there will be talk of Auckland and babies, trading goods and services on a local level and yarn swappy goodness.

Until then people… I bid you goodnight.

P.S. Totally bored a whole pile of people to death at the craft night tonight with talk of bloggy nerdiness. Ah well.

Feck. Already ruined my single topic resolution. That didn’t take long.


4 thoughts on “New leaf… or petal… or something

  1. I have been waiting and waiting and checking your blog at least once a day EVERY DAY for the next exciting installment of nikki’s life, and each day for a WHOLE WEEK i have been bitterly disappointed to see that picture of the vase of flowers. Although it is quite nice. Anyway, then this morning I was treated to a new entry! I got very excited, only to find it was “short and sweet”… GRRRRRRRR Write more Nik, screw your one topic theory, i love hearing about your randomness.


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