Leaving you hanging

Apologies for that last post. Evil wasn’t it?

Turns out people don’t like to blather on as much as I thought they did. It wasn’t a meeting full of a whole lot of Nikkis then. So yes, incredibly important STUFF was the AGM for the childcare centre that Han attends. I’ve decided to embrace my motherly duties (well, get bullied into it by the lovely supervisor!) so have signed myself up for committees and jobs and whanau groups and meetings and allllll the fun things that are involved with that sort of business. Yay.

Right… now blogginess. After all my self doubt and new resolve about posting on one topic and being all interesting and stuff, I’m going to throw it out the window completely and renew enthusiasm to rambling about tonnes of stuff all in one post with even less sense than ever displayed before. I’m feeling good about it.

So here are a few pics and accompanying ramblational goodness:

I just spent the last hour soaking in a bath full of this stuff. Yuuuuuuuuum is all I can say. Tobin brought me home a Lush lavender ballistic bath bomb thingy and dreamtime bath oil. I smell good. Reeeeeal good.
I think I can safely say that Hannah wore this outfit about 90% of the time that we were in Auckland. Yes. She did try and sleep in it. I think I’m actually quite liking the fusion of punk and prissy. Nice.
Every time we head back to Rotorua, Hannah insists on decorating Mum’s windows with the painty stuff that Mum made the mistake of buying. The window paint takes a lot of patience as it has to set on a plastic sheet before you can apply it to the window. Han usually gets bored long before the paint has dried and it is usually the grown ups that get carried away with their creations. I don’t know who came up with this stencilled horse but it definitely makes a change from the usual flowers and pictures of our names that we come up with. I like it.

Just so you are all aware… I have become a pro at the one-handed-self-portrait and the particular skill required for that which is double chin avoidance. Us Whyte sisters seem to have the genius ability to make extra chins appear where there are none immediately apparent to real life bystanders. I’m getting good at overpowering the natural state of the many-chinned-photograph. Yuss.

And last but certainly not least: this piece of super cool fabric that I found tucked away in Mum’s linen cupboard. I immediately claimed it and so rudely interrupted Mum’s shower just to tell her of the acquisition. Luckily I struck her on a weekend where she was in anti-clutter mode so she was more than happy to let me have it. I’m just hoping she won’t change her mind.

The other awesome thing about this piece of fabric was that it was sitting directly over a whole pile of 70s table cloths which I can’t WAIT to get my little hands on. Just have to wait until I move out of our pseudo modern minimalist house dominated by my sister’s taste into my own place with my collection of eclectic crap.

Right. That’s it I think. Maybe a small update: just spent the weekend in Rotorua for Mama and Mark’s 50th birthday party. It was rockin’. We (the kiddos) made a speech (A SPEECH!) so it turns out I’m not actually petrified of public speaking. Excellent. And after three weekends single handedly doubling NZ’s carbon emissions with our excessive gallavanting around the country, I just wanna stay home for a while!


4 thoughts on “Leaving you hanging

  1. Yay for rambling it’s what we know and LOVE…… Gorgeous fabric, what a find! My mum has nothing vntage left, she unlike me is a de-clutterer (is that a word???) I loe to hoard everything, which is why I have no space in my home! My mother in law did give me a scrummy embroidered cloth the other day, that her mum made.So at least I have something old to pass on to my kids and have the odd afternoon tea on of course!! X


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