Meeting room from hell

I get headaches. Or I have in the past. A lot of them. I suffered my first migraine at about 7 and I remember pain, not being able to see, and no one being able to understand me because my words weren’t coming out right. They continued on and off until I was about 19 but I haven’t had one in yeeeeeears. Lately it seems that I haven’t even been getting many headaches. Which is freaking awesome because nurofen is damn well expensive!

Anyway… my workmate, who does most of the training for my organisation and therefore spends a lot of time in our meeting rooms, complains endlessly about the rooms and the headaches he gets from them. I believed him, but thought that perhaps he was a bit more prone to them than others. But today – I totally get what he is talking about.

I’ve just spent 2 days on a first aid course in those rooms. (Yay I can save people now! Actually… I wouldn’t trust me with any lives. I SUCKED at the demonstrations! “What? The ambulance? I called… oh no, wait. I forgot. Sorry. SOMEONE GET AN AMBULANCE!”) The end of the first day I took a couple of nurofen and thought nothing of it. Today I have a KILLER headache and I think I can safely say those rooms suck. Totally. Now I understand. And those thousands of dollars that our organisation is forking out to get new lighting installed in the rooms? Worth it. Every cent.

Now to bed before this turns into a migraine. Goodnight.

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