The goods on trading

I work with someone who is involved in the alternative side of things as far as Wellington society goes. He does all sorts of neat stuff and knows all sorts of neat people.

Recently he bought his grandmother’s house complete with olive trees… among other things. He has spent months soaking the olives in brine and bay leaves. Changing the brine every week or so (I think?) until he has ended up with these No. 17 Standard Olives – fully organic and Paekakariki grown and harvested. And they are YUM. Hannah is a huge fan of olives and so half the jar disappeared the first night we had them.

It got me thinking though… I’d really like to get more involved in a local trading group. I vaguely recall an online system was set up and that the Wairarapa had a system going on but I can’t figure out where I got that information.

As far as things to trade: I can knit… I can baby sit… I can cook (sorta)… but I really must learn to do relish and chutney before Christmas. And I have a pile of grapefruit that need to be transformed into something before they start to grow mould. So I’m going to attempt grapefruit stuff to ‘pay’ Sam for the olives and will be looking for more opportunities to trade or swap goods. Oh, and then there’s the pay it forward movement which I am quite keen on. I’d better get creating!


11 thoughts on “The goods on trading

  1. in issue 1 of worldsweetworld i think there was an article by megan hosking on exactly that sort of thingso there must be some sort of hub in wellington, i’ll hunt down my copy


  2. Marmalade! Yummo! And easy! I can trade you for some:RelishChutneyCarrot MarmaladeI LOVE preserving and pickling…can’t wait for the produce in my garden to look more like vegetables than weeds…


  3. oooh if they are all gone in the morning, it’s cos i have snuck up to your house in the middle of the night and eaten them all. yum!hmmm i wish i had time for doing stuff like that…though i could do a frozen dinner swap (home made, of course)


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