Tea-ing and beret-ing

Today I arrived home to a package from t leaf tea. I’m so damn spoiled at the moment I don’t know what to do!

I immediately steeped a strong cup of tea and it was goooooooooood. Didn’t beat the bath though. But a strong cup of t leaf tea WHILE lying in a bath full of Lush products? Holy crap. Hold me back.

In makey news. I maked a beret for Mindylicious. She’s rocking. She’ll probably eat me alive for posting a photo of her… and a butchered one at that… but I’m loveable. She’ll forgive me. I screwed with it, badly. But it’s fuzzy. I couldn’t work my camera. Sucky.

It’s a pretty basic pattern. You just cast on as many stitches as you need… but make sure it is a multiple of six. Tip: measure your head, then figure out how many stitches you need based on the ball band thingy. Then take a whole bunch off because otherwise you’ll be knitting for a giant.)

Knit 10 rounds rib (1×1? 2×2? it doesn’t matter!), then k2, m1 for a round, then knit until tall enough (~6″) and start decreasing by however many your total number of stitches is divisible by 6. Say you have 132 stitches (no idea if that is actually a good number to have… so take no notice!), divide that by 6, which equals 22. So first decrease round is k20, k2tog (=22st) etc etc etc. Next round is one less: k19, k2tog. Next round: k18, k2tog. Next: k17, k2tog… Ya get me? Until you have 6 stitches left. k2tog into all stitches until you have 3 left then knit on those for a few centimetres and then break yarn and thread remaining 3 stitches for a little pointy bit and then weave in ends. Voila! C’est un beret!


4 thoughts on “Tea-ing and beret-ing

  1. ooo you sold out on me babe… what? not my TeaTotal tea??? Now I’ll have to get you an infuser cup like the one the lovely Anna (the tea lady) gave me for my thumbs up and thumbs down to the Taupo tea service… yeah bonus for getting grumpy with a flash cafe that shall remain nameless for making me a dumb cup of tea!


  2. That whole last paragraph read like “beep boob beebee bop” to me! But a cuppa & bath sounds good about now. With a big ol' robe? Yes, please.btw, did you hear about the naked Lush workers the other day?!


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