A-pirating we go!

Some skull and cross bones longies made from my all time favourite knitted baby pants pattern. My first attempt at duplicate stitch. Holy crap it is easy. Advice though, don’t try and make the design up as you go along or you end up with some deformed ass bones. Ah well. They’ll do.

The front of the pants is rather boringly plain. I’d like to pretend I wanted them that way but reeeeally I wanted stripes. Unfortunately I forgot my white yarn when I started the pants up in Auckland. When I got home I found the frigging yarn in my bag. Most unimpressed.

Awwww and look who the little longies are heading to! Ain’t he cute? That’s Charlie. I luff him. Coolest baby in the world.
And here is the other coolest baby in the world. Except she ain’t a baby.

I’m meant to be running away to bed because Gaz has conned me into joining him for a run at 6am tomorrow. 6am! Can you believe it? And running? Almost has me fainting from shock. I don’t DO exercise. I think the fact that I signed up for this says nothing of my willingness to get fit, but more of my complete disbelief that Gaz will actually make it out of bed. ha.

So before I run off to bed to get some much needed sleep, I have to say that I had an awesome date with the coolest kid out today. Bonnie rocks. I may have lost the kid momentarily (wouldn’t be the first time) but other than that, ’twas super fun. And Teo is soooooooo cute. Mischievious but definitely cute.



P.S. Bought a new car. The reign of terror of the Peugeot is soon to end. Just gotta get rid of the bliming thing.

8 thoughts on “A-pirating we go!

  1. Holy Guac! I might learn how to knit just to do those pants. I’m sure we’re a few years from having a kid, so I might get it done before then. Hope your 6 a.m. run was fun–way too early for my eyes to open.


  2. Hi Nikki,you are such a funny, feeling, out there very cool young mum !I do enjoy your daily blog. And the Devil Child (how can you call her that!?) she’s just gorgeous!Do think you should be in creative journalism and spreading your work far and wide ! Keep the entertainment going !!


  3. Lyndie – heyyy thanks! My ability to accept criticism of my work is lacking to say the least. Sorta counts me out as a proper writer πŸ˜‰ hehe But it’s still lovely to hear!Bonnie – no freaking way.Rest of ya – thanks πŸ™‚ I like ’em too. can’t wait to see them on the Charlie kid though!


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