And not the way I usually use the word. I mean, RATS. Actual rats.

They have been chewing through everything and leaving their stinky poo everywhere.

I was marginally upset when they chewed through my bag of flour and it poured everywhere. I was quite intrigued at how sharp their little teeth were when they ate into a thick plastic cold pack thing. I was a bit worried when I saw they’d chewed another hole in the gib board at the back of our pantry. But I was absolutely freaking furious when I saw they’d got this:

My silicone cake tin! Whyyyyyyyy? In a pantry FULL of food, why on earth would they chew through a silicone baking tin? Crazy rodents. Stupid rodents. ANNOYING rodents.

And this is not even mentioning how gross it is that I’ve had rats pooing and chewing and walking and licking all over my pantry. How feral.

I just need to take a moment and go to a happy place.

Yes. There. Much better. Seething anger is subsiding. Rat poison top of the list of things to find tomorrow. Gah.

Now onto happier things. I went for my run. I almost died. I got ‘the stitch’ half way down the damn road and powered on (at snail’s pace… but let’s not get into details) with a knife stabbing under my rib. Gaz just laughed at me and refused to let me stop. Then he got stitch on our way back from the beach and actually, properly almost died. I think his words were “How the hell did you run with that?” Because I am tough. Extremely tough. Errmmmm yeah.

So we made it back with minimal dying. And I enforced stretching. I felt fabulous for the rest of the day even. But now I am exhausted and my legs are starting to tighten up. I can’t wait for the inevitable almost-dying again tomorrow. THIS is why I avoid exercise.


10 thoughts on “Rats.

  1. Ewwww! Poor you. God, they are vile creatures aren’t they! We have a mouse infestation in the garage to deal with this weekend. I’m going for traps though, I feel bad about poison…Feeling for you on the bakewear,although I’m surprised you bake in plastic…???


  2. Well done you for going for you run and for keeping going WITH A STITCH! I just can't do running, it takes me all day to recover from a short run around the block. I just started my new rountine of walking kids to school & kindy today, first bit of exercise since having baby. Actually it nearly killed me, but I am going to keep at it…Hope that you manage to sort out you rat problem…X


  3. I go for a “run” (more like a shuffle) at least once a week, and if I get the stitch I just walk until it goes away. It works for me, hopefully it works for you. And don’t run up and down Wellington hills too much if you haven’t run much – it can damage your knees! I prefer traps to poison, cause then the death is quicker and less painful. We were using the non lethal catch traps, but I’m not sure how responsible it is to release them into the park!


  4. Oh, and on the stitch thing…when I was training for the Buller Marathon someone told me when you get stitch to breathe OUT, not in…the theory was that stitch was caused by a build up of Co2 in the tissue…and goodness, wouldn’t you know, it worked! So now, (not that I run anymore – sore legs) if I do get the stitch I focus on breathing out and voila – GONE. Another theory is to suck on something (a button etc) while running to regulate breathing to prevent stitch.


  5. Surfergirlie – silicon isn’t technically plastic. Yes, there is a potential risk with using silicone but it was better than the teflon stuff I was using beforehand. 😉Anddddd if I’m gonna be pedantic, I cook on low temps usually for these sorts of cakes so risk is lessened.


  6. Yeah on the trap front. We have a trap but last night Gaz was trying to jab it with a broom handle and had to prod it a gazillion times before the bliming thing even set off.I might look in to the humane traps but where the heck to you release them??I must confess that I’m not an animal lover by any stretch of the imagination.


  7. ew. rats. ick. they’re no fun. We had mice for a little bit but they seem to have given up on us. And maybe i should drag my sorry ass out of bed and run with you guys – i never seem to get a lunchtime these days to get out for mine!


  8. ooo running ooo exercise… big thumbs up my chicken, I couldn’t do it!! (but I did manage to make Mark think I was helping him lift big sheets of triboard yesterday so maybe my arms got some.) xxx maman


  9. I just saw a mouse run across my kitchen — never had varmints before. In trying to figure out where/why, I pulled open a drawer to find that all my silicone bakeware has been chewed! Gaaah. It seems like a gnaw reflex, not a food issue. There are bits of rubber all over the drawer.Now I have to get rid of rodents AND buy new bakeware. Bleah.


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