What’s fresh, green and super cool?

Why, it’s Peppermint Magazine of course!

Peppermint is a new magazine from the uber talented Kelley Sheenan. I’ve followed Kelley’s creative endeavours for a while now and I have to say that I am most utterly impressed with the magazine and everything she’s been able to cram in there.

The gorgeous cover image. I LURVE it.

Peppermint highlights some of the hippest fashiony stuff coming out of Australia and NZ, the creators of which focus on ethically produced garments and accessories and make a major attempt to mitigate the harmful effects of their trade on our loverly Earth. Kelley herself has done her darndest with the mag printed on totally recycled paper. No mean feat! The only issue I had with it is that fact I had to get it shipped over here. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how us NZers could get it with a clear conscience (and not so much $$$ spent on shipping for poor Kelley!) and I’ve decided that if there was a reasonably priced eco-friendly printer in NZ then that may be a viable option when the mag makes it big over in Australia. Good solution yeah?

And for those heavily swayed by celeb endorsements, LEO DICAPRIO thinks it’s pretty hot stuff. (Well, I didn’t see a direct quote saying that… but I’m SURE he does. If he doesn’t, he should. So there.)

As many of you know, this magazine has come at the PERFECT time for me, seeing as I made a pledge to only buy NZ made or thrifted or sew my own. While at this stage, Aussie seems to dominate the pages, there are a few NZ gems who’ve shown they can kick it with the best of them. Pink Paper Pinafore is definitely someone to watch. (Unfortunately I’ve misplaced the mag somewhere in my pit of a bedroom or I’d hunt out a few more examples!) I’d just discovered the blog of this talented lass the other day and look at her already gracing the pages of the newest ethical fashion mag out (close up of page above):

Yeah, I forgot the paper bit. Oops.

All I can say is… get a copy. Because how else would you get to gaze upon such lovely images as this?

The belt! Oh, the belt.

I already can’t wait for the next issue. You rock Kelley.

2 thoughts on “What’s fresh, green and super cool?

  1. Thanks for the tip! I wish I’d known about this mag when I was in Melbourne last weekend. Might have been able to pick one up in person. Ah well, will have to fork out for postage. But it looks like it’s worth it.


  2. is THAT where the mag came from? I picked it up from the lounge and got totally absorbed in it the other morning. I took out a pen and paper and noted down all the interesting websites I wanted to furter investigate before nicely replacing the magazine on the coffee table. It is actually AWESOME!! So can you buy these in Melbourne? If so, 2009 is your lucky year. I can buy, read, and post to you my Nikki 😀


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