Oh I’ve got them alright.

Blogger has been driving me round the bend by only emailing me comments that people submit when they are logged into blogger. Though I can’t absolutely confirm that even those get through! It really really depresses me when I find people have been commenting on posts WAY back (or even just a little bit back) and I haven’t found them. Basically I receive Gabes, Kimberlee, and Tash comments and that’s about it.

It used to email me all comments. Then I did something strange with the template and it messed everything up.

I like comments! Who doesn’t? I wish oh wish that blogger would also send me people’s email addresses when they comment so I can reply by email. Gah. I’ll have to figure out a plan of smarts to solve that issue.

BUT I did outsmart bloggers stupid comment stuff up! So clever I am. I subscribed to my comment feed in my google reader so now I get them. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! *pats self on back*

6 thoughts on “Smarts

  1. heh, well done loli always feel a bit weird when people (ones i dont know that is, not if *you* started 😉 )reply by email to a comment i made on their blog. i’m never sure the ettiquite… am i supposed to email them back? go back to their blog and post another comment relating to what they emailed me? just not respond at all and leave an unanswered email hanging in cyberspace? quandry baby, quandry.i looooove the new photo in your about me in the sidebar.


  2. Im thinking about putting haloscan on my blog . I hate not being able to email me ppl after they leave a comment – what do you do if someone asks you a Q? It feels wierd leaving a comment on my own blog, you never know if they come back to see it. Anyway haloscan….maybe


  3. Kelly – ’tis alright, I don’t NEED comments. I’d just hate to miss something extremely important like “I love your blog so much I want to give you a trillion dollars to write a book” 😉Antipo – how could I EVER ignore you? xox


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