When I grow up…

I wanna be Lotta Jansdotter a textile designer.

I bought the book Lotta Prints by when I visited Minerva the other day. Minerva is a faaaaaabulous bookstore on Cuba St with every sort of crafty related book you could conceive of. And if you manage to conceive of something that isn’t there, you tell the lovely lady behind the counter and she writes down the name of it. Excellent.

The beautiful natural prints…

Fantastic hand printed clothes…

Neat ideas for printing around the home…

And simple inspiration from the world around…

all made me want to be a textile designer when I grow up. Of course it may also be my massive girl crush on Shannon of Aunty Cookie fame which may contribute to that too.

Now where oh where are these fabulous fabric designers in New Zealand? Are they all hiding?


6 thoughts on “When I grow up…

  1. mmm textile design…i lurrrves it. i went to minerva for the first time yesterday, and found their collection of books on william morris, so am going to have to do some saving! oh and florence broadhurst was a kiwi who went to aussie (i think) and she’s amazing. Geneveive Packer is another one (she made the cover fabric design for Stitch by Ann Packer, her mum) and she used to be my design tutor at massey. Stitch is another book i want to pick up and is full of kiwi textile designers and artists 🙂long comment, sorry!


  2. MMMM yum photos! Thanks for the preview of the book. I’ve been eyeing it up online but haven’t yet seen inside it. I think it’s just gone to the top of my to-buy list.


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