We attended a Star Wars themed birthday party today for a fabulous little man turning 5. Hannah went as Yoda and I excelled once again at some last minute costume creation. Imagine what I could come up with if I put a little time and effort in? I’d be amazing. Fat chance of it ever happening though… I’ll just continue to project my genius from the crappy point which I can get to in half an hour.
Under the Yoda outfit, Hannah sported a cutie creation from the terribly clever Bonnie of Lone Moose. If I could, Hannah’s whole wardrobe would be made by Bonnie. Her clothes are just so cool.
And I finished a hat for a little girl who was promised a present about a gazillion years ago. In my defense, I did make her an outfit and transported it carefully to the top of the island to pass on to her. And then lost it. Gah. She’d have grown out of it anyway so I made her a bigger hat this time. With a little crochet flower on top of a button. It just looks like a mess of yarn from here. Rats.

That brings me to the end of a tiring Saturday. I need to get my knitting groove on. I got some Juniper to stock!

P.S. Week 2 of running begins tomorrow. I’m already dreading it. My stickability amazes me every time.


8 thoughts on “Yoda

  1. fabulous costume nikki, you’ve got to be the coolest young mum around1lone mouse is everywhere lately, first here then on tiny happy today, I am going to check it out! thanks for the heads up!


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