Little dress

I have a little dress.

I have a little girl.

I have a little girl who is not little enough for a dress.

Does anyone else want a really badly sewn dress that will fit hrmmmm… an 18ish month old – 3 yearsish? (No guarantees on that though! he.)

My photos don’t really do a lot to sell it do they?

Ah yes, you can see that I tried to make my little dress fit my little girl. What the photo doesn’t show is where I also tried to make the arm holes bigger to fit her lanky limbs through. That didn’t work.

So anyway, dress up for grabs if anyone is so inclined. If there is more than one sucker person keen, then I will do a draw for it. Yuhuh. And if you accept, you renege the right to hassle me about my crappy sewing. hehe.

And just in case people don’t actually want the dress… I will add chocolate to the parcel. And not even shed a tear if you use the dress for rags or donate it to goodwill.

You have a week.


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