Big plans for a tired girl

I’ve been so damn tired this week. I think it is the 6am runs that are having that effect even though I’d been going to bed at least an hour earlier. My poor body just ain’t cut out for exercise! It could also be that Hannah has a cold and has been waking up at least once a night and doing midnight (or early morning) appearances. Last night she was up three times, the last of which was her crying and crying and crying because she had a ‘marenight’ (Yes. A nightmare.)

She wouldn’t calm down as quickly as she usually does so I snuggled in bed with her which seemed to solve the problem. Unfortunately it created another issue when I woke up suddenly and leaped out of bed to look at the clock and saw that it was 8am! So I missed my morning run and was even later than usual to work. Lucky they are used to it.

Despite general fatigue, I am feeling totally inspired to knit and sew and all things craftilicious. I just was presented with the coolest book (is a book? more like a deck of cards) in the world by lovely Mindy. Hats, Mittens & Scarves by Andrea Tung. It is GORGEOUS. So many awesome patterns in there… beautiful photography, and the coolest thing? I can take each card in my handbag instead of having to write out portions of patterns in my little knitting notebook so I’m able to knit on the bus. Yay.

So… this weekend:
Tikki rainbow dress for Hannah in black and noro kureyon greens, blues, grey, brown.
– Finish devilishred dress
– Baby shoes for miscellaneous babies. People keep having them!
– Baby bag for Kat. (Maybe? We’ll see how I am for time)
– Hats! And mittens! And stuff!

Watch this space.

3 thoughts on “Big plans for a tired girl

  1. Oh goody I can’t wait to see the finished rainbow dress. I am planning on knitting it for my youngest, but I would much rather knit it for Talia who I think is the same age as Hannah. I am totally useless at altering patterns, so I may have to pick your brains for measurements….. if you don’t mind that is!!Hope that you enjoy your super busy crafty weekend and also hope that Hannah has a better nights sleep tonight.‘marenight’ how cute is that….. X


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