Painting pictures with words

I just went to take some pictures of the fancy nappy bag I have just finished using this fancy bag pattern for Kat who had a little girl yesterday.

Unfortunately I have managed to flatten all the rechargeable batteries in the house.

Wellllll… there are the batteries that I stupidly put in Hannah’s disney princess CD player (bleugh) but I can’t be bothered getting them out.

So I get to tell you that I made a fancy nappy bag and I don’t even have to show you the pictures of my aaaaaverage sewing. Perfect.

I will let you in on something though: when it says “use heavy-weight interfacing”, you’d sorta better. Or you get a floppy bag. Just hypothetically speaking. As there is no photographic evidence that my fancy bag is floppy so you can’t prove that I made that mistake.

But what my bag does have is a gazintygillion pockets for baby stuff. And it’s black corduroy. And it has cool lining. And ermmmm… a zip! I sewed a zip in! Man. I learned a lot.

So tomorrow I’m going to stuff it full of stuff (just in case it was floppy… which it isn’t.) and then take pictures.

I will also get the kid to pick a number tomorrow morn so that I can send off the little dress and copious amounts of chocolate. Exciting.

Until then… night!

P.S. Outrageous Fortune is still rocking my world. Can’t wait to hear what the US thinks of it!


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