The day I’ve been dreading

Before I get to that… I have to do the draw. I lied about this morning as I was doing my usual trick of running ridiculously late and trying to wrangle child to make it to work on time.

But I did get to it tonight when we got home. So be warned: Hannah is in her creche clothes and sporting leftover lunch (spagetti) and miscellaneous toddler art all over her body and face. That red line under her mouth looked rather disturbing when I picked her up. Thankfully it had sort of smeared off a tad when I took these pics and she just looks dirty… and not so deranged.

Anywayyyyyy…. here we go. The child reached into my hand…

And pulled out a tiny scrunched up piece of paper that saidddd….

Yes, I did add the text later. But I promise my scrawly handwriting on that paper also said Steph. It’s just the flash ate it. So Steph… please email me your address to: and I’ll sort something out for ya. Weeeeeeee! I hope the dress fits the little girlie kid in your family at some point in the near future.

And now for the day I’ve been dreading. Apart from the gross creche clothes, crusted food and felt pen, did you notice anything amiss about the child in those photos?


Well, she was already desperately in need of a haircut BUT…

ARGHHHHHHHH. She cut her own frigging hair. I didn’t notice immediately. As I said, dire need of a haircut already. But when I was sitting next to her I noticed one side was a whoooole lot shorter than the other at the front. She’d done a decent amount of hacking.

I should have known something was up when I walked in to creche and the first thing that she said to me was “I LOVE your haircut Mum!” It’s like she was daring me to notice hers. Gah.

I may have flipped out a little when I finally did spot hers… and threatened that if she did it again then I’d be cutting ALL her hair off. ALL HER PRINCESS HAIR. *muhahahaha* It was the only thing I could think of that might deter the little demon. Truth be told, I think she might quite suit short hair. So I’m going to take her off to the hairdresser this weekend and get them to rescue her from what is scarily close to a one sided mullet. Distressing.

In happier news, I got pics of the bag.

Not floppy right? (Well disguised if I do say so myself!)

Ooh la la… preeeetty lining.

And then I decided it was lacking something. So I embellished. Please forgive fuzzy photo.

And then I added a devilishred label to the handle and it was done! So proud of myself.


9 thoughts on “The day I’ve been dreading

  1. Yay! Thanks!!And the hair? Hehe it sucks for parents but it seems to be a law that 3 yr olds must cut their own hair. That bag is awesome! I’m absolutely paying you to make me one when I have a kid, even if its just to prevent my mum buying me a Warehouse one.


  2. FAB bag, very clever indeed!!! I am with you on the hair thing, I was dreading the day too, knowing full well that it was coming. Talia cut her hair about 2 months ago, but actually she now looks like she has this funky slanting fringe so it was good really, obviously I did not tell her that! My 7, yes 7 year old BOY then cut his fringe last month, which looked ridiculous! I asked him why (at his age) he had done this and he told me that he wanted to look cool……….. oh well another milestone passed I suppose, X


  3. That bag is awesome!I think every kid goes through the cutting their own hair thing. I remember at age 7 sitting at the hairdressers with a very wonky fringe and the hairdresser asking me if I’d cut it myself. Of course I had, but I solemnly answered “no, it just grows like that” ha ha. At least it grows back. Unlike when I cut my barbie’s hair into a short elfin cut…


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