Rambly jumble

It’s what I do best.

First of all…

‘Things I see in Newtown’ is going to become a new category I do believe. Starting now. Man I wish I’d had my camera this morning. I tried to take a photo with my phone but a) I was driving and b) my battery was dead so the trying was fruitless. Anywayyyy… outside the little bakery on the corner of two of the main roads in Newtown was a little old man on a park bench who was being fussed over by a much younger woman who would have been right at home in a trailer park. (Not that I have anything against trailor parks… she just would have. Of course.) Upon closer inspection (fear not for my safety… I was stopped at the traffic lights), I realised she was cutting his hair. Outside a bakery. On a park bench. On a main street in Newtown. At 8am. Interesting.


I just spent the last two hours helping my darling little sister with her application for a design award. They asked some pretty tough questions such as “What do you think is the main factor affecting the advancement of women worldwide?” For my little sis who lives and breathes industrial design and basically lives at school, it was a tad difficult to answer. So I attempted to explain a few development issues that may have even a teency bit of significance to how Julietta kid lives her life. Difficult. Then I had to explain to her what I do and where I am heading and give a bit of international development 101. Considering I am barely past that stage myself, it was a bit rambly. Ah well. She now knows where I work. Well… she did 5 minutes ago.


I can’t wait to get Han’s hair cut now. Why did I wait so long? Oh yes… ’tis because of my hairdresser fear. I bow to their infinite hairish wisdom. Last time I took Hannah to the hairdresser she exclaimed in a horrified tone “You aren’t going to cut her hair short are you?” and from then on I have resigned myself to Hannah growing her hair all Princessy and long. Even though she won’t let me brush it or tie it up and so she sports dreadlocks. I’ve got a new plan: find a hairdresser who doesn’t give a crap. Yeah.


Found a pic of a top I was going to rave about. Yes. Fuzzy again. I really need to put some more effort into taking proper photographs. I’m probably killing my poor mother.

In my crazy spending spree of late, I have spent mucho time browsing the wares of felt. This particular gem is from The Wardrobe and is lovely. Beautifully made and really quite flattering. I love it.

Another awesome crafty felty type I have recently discovered is Crafty Kin. Turns out that I know her from geeky cloth nappy land. Accordingly, she rocks. And makes gorgeous looking biscuits. And kids. And clothes. Ahhh she has it all.

Mmmmhmmmmmm. Rambly over and out.


3 thoughts on “Rambly jumble

  1. I love a good ramble – i am a bit prone to it myself. My boss is always saying “get to the point”! I also have a Red Headed Devil Child in dire need of a haircut but just getting her to sit in her buggy is a task – cant see her putting up with a hairdresser without said hairdresser getting some teeth marks.


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