Setting myself up for disaster

Anyone who knows me (or this blog) knows that I have the attention span of a fruit fly… and they will also know that I knit one leg warmer for a friend’s kiddo and then a year(ish) later still haven’t knit the other one.

They will then find it hilarious that I purchased a skein of sock yarn with the intention of making myself socks.
Yes. I who proclaimed she would never knit socks *shudder*, has a plan to knit socks. These socks, to be specific. We will see.

Word of advice though: hand winding a skein of sock yarn takes a hugely giantly much longerly time than hand winding dk yarn. I don’t advise it. I just spent the last hour trying to make a ball out of that and my arm is now aching.

And in other news… ain’t this pic just the cutest?
I took it before I left creche this morning. I walked into the room to find Hannah and her two little friends absorbed in copying words on to paper. Gotta love that positive peer influence. Here’s hoping those two stick around through high school!


6 thoughts on “Setting myself up for disaster

  1. You need to get together with Sharonnz – she not only has a wool winder, but also experience in knitting two socks at once… definitely the way to go with your track record babe.


  2. haha. Thanks for that Judy 😛I do actually have a wool winder but I don’t like how the balls look when they are complete. I think practicality may overrun aesthetics next time though!


  3. Awww how clever is Hannah?!?!Yay for peer *encouragement*.So impressed with the bag too, drooly fabric and the embellishment rock. I don’t even have a baby but I want one, seriously!


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