Little stuffed print by Minu, bought from Knack

Just came back from Knack market. And holy crap Knack is going off as far as crafty goodness goes. Berhampore school hall was absolutely packed with stalls and delicious things to buy. Knack mightily impressed me with its growth. Last time I headed along it was cold, wet, and pretty darn empty. Not this time! Wooooo for local craftiness.

Heaps of knitters too. Don’t know whether to feel proud or worried or jealous that they have the time to do these things! Must get more original. Must actually knit. Eeeek.

I also bought a cute little dress from Lone Moose (featured below) and some cute button earrings but I left them at Juniper after I spent a small fortune there. Oops. Now I am most definitely on a ‘no spending’ trip. And that’s because I have no damn money to spend even if I wanted to.

Oh yeah, and I stalked Victoria from Free Range Baby who I have admired from afar for quite a while now. She was quite receptive to the stalking which is always good! And also did a bit more stalking of the lovely Hannah from World Sweet World. She had already been stalked earlier in the week by me so now it’s just getting freaky. Poor lady.

And in other news, the kid had the haircut of a lifetime. Short and cute. She giggled the whole way through the hair cut – it was hilarious.


8 thoughts on “Knack

  1. Thanks guys šŸ™‚ I’m still loving her little haircut. She looks so tidy compared to a week ago! (Although it’s a little all over the place. ha.)Ellieboo – glad to have that effect. Your little one is super cute too. šŸ˜€


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