A start

My first step toward becoming a famous fabric designer. Ermmm… a lot to learn I do believe.

Rubber stamped the star ones with fabric paint. They worked well but it was time consuming painting the stamp every time I made a print. I’d love to have had a sponge but was an impromptu fabric painting session and I was a little less prepared than was called for.

Painted this one free hand but it wasn’t ideal. The paint didn’t give even coverage. Won’t go there again.

Next time I’m gonna try potato stamps. Now to think of a design… hrmmmm…

This was Hannah’s painting attempts. She did some great stamping and then went a bit nuts with the brush. Blue paint everywhere. Gah.


7 thoughts on “A start

  1. I love what you’re doing, and like Hannah’s attempts. Hers remind me of < HREF="http://www.maxgimblett.com/paintings/circles/circle-1.html" REL="nofollow">Max Gimblett<>…


  2. All the great fabric designers had to start somewhere, looks pretty good to me – and here’s to the mighty potato. I am having a go at stenciling onto fabric this weekend …..hmmm should be interesting


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