Bus strike brings out the nutters

If you were in Newtown this morning and happened to be standing at the bus stop on Riddiford St outside WINZ, you may have seen a woman of about 23ish years of age (and 10 months) bounce happily up to the bus stop at approximately 8.20am. You would have seen the woman look steadily less bouncy and more bored as she waited around for a bus (ANY BUS!) to arrive.

At about 8.50am the woman called the office and found out that she was sucked in by purchasing a CD playing head unit for her car recently so that she missed the radio news and was not informed of the morning’s bus strike. The woman then stomped off grumpily back to her car. Five minutes later she appeared back outside the bus stop waving frantically and yelling “Heyyy! Wanna ride? I’m going to the city!” to fellow wait-around-erers. Some may think this was a stupid idea. Who knows what sort of crazies are in Newtown? (Well, crazies that are crazier than the woman herself.)

The woman drove off with three random guys who jumped in her car… not before being beeped at because she was holding up traffic due to some not so quick child car seat extraction. And you wouldn’t have been able to tell by looking but the guys were hilarious. The woman was very glad that her ridiculous impromptu car pooling exercise had gone down well. And she only arrived an hour late to work.

Yes. That’s what you would have seen in Newtown. Because obviously you would have been bored at looking at the queues of traffic and total lack of buses.

5 thoughts on “Bus strike brings out the nutters

  1. Glad to hear of your story! It’s actually Nick Kelly who is head of the union now, and their basic wages are pretty low, so I support them. They’ve now been locked out!


  2. Oh don’t get me wrong! I support the strike. I bet they are paid CRAP and with the recent price rises in tickets, it’d be nice to see some of it filter through – especially with MORE people using the services. (Unfounded… just a guess)And yeah, GO Wellington’s response was hilariously hypocritical. Most unimpressed.I even stated after yesterday’s 10-3 strike that they should do it for the whole day and really see NZ fall apart! Just wish I’d listened to the news. ha.


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