It’s a hard life

The post-creche crash

I assumed that I would feel like that after my mission to work on foot as a result of the poor little bus types being locked out. There was a total lack of planning involved as I hadn’t made up my mind whether I was going to drive or walk into the city from Newtown. As I left creche and replayed the memories of the sloooooow trip into work yesterday and the horrible guilt I would feel if I didn’t pick up hitch hikers (there were none conveniently standing around at bus stops
like yesterday unfortunately), I decided that I could do it on foot. Surely I couldn’t be any later than I had been yesterday. Little bit neglected to assess the footwear situation… can safely say that the shoes I wore today were not made for walking and subsequently I have a little-toe-sized hole on my right shoe. It could have been much worse. There could have been heels involved.

So I walked. And I felt smug passing all the cars for many reasons a) they were going slower than I, b) they were going to have to pay at least $10 for a day’s parking, c) they were using petrol, d) I was virtually halting climate change right then and there by myself, and e) I could totally justify missing my run yesterday and replace it with my walk. Excellent. I can now confirm that it takes 35 minutes to walk from Newtown shops to the corner of Cuba and Manners Streets. Rock on.

Oh, and my walk was extremely actually and totally worth it when on my way home, I spotted a girl walking her dog while riding a segway. I almost died with laughter. Someone should tell her that those things just look ridiculous. Apologies if any readers own one. Well actually, no. Consider yourself told – those things look ridiculous.

And on to craftiness. I have finally updated all my works-in-progress in my ravelry sidebar. There are quite a few. At the moment I have the attention span of a fruit fly. No more until they are all finished though. EVEN THE LEG WARMER. I’m getting all hard assed on myself.

The green work above is the baby cardigan that I am designing as I go. It’s knit in 4 ply so that up there is two damn nights of knitting. Admittedly there may have been a whoooole lot of frogging going on the first night.

Right… must go wake the kid up from her comatose state.


7 thoughts on “It’s a hard life

  1. Awwww! Look at her all snuggly with her painted on eyebrows! (She didn’t have a go at trimming her real ones did she??) Yay! @ walking to work!


  2. She still sleeps! You don’t know how lucky you are girl! Did you check out the local paper today – some guy designed a t-shirt that says “Newtown – it’s a bit shit”. I like! 🙂


  3. <>I was virtually halting climate change right then and there by myself<>you continue to crack me up chick.i remember days of Bulldog pushing Danny home in his stroller from the Teachers College Creche (not sure where to put the apostrohe in “Teachers” and can’t be bovvered finding a grav for “creche” lol) and trying to keep him awake….jeez louise.happy late-evening-partying with the RHDC!!!mwah X


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