This week has been the start of (another) no-spending regime. And while this post doesn’t really qualify as ‘no’ spending… it counts because I didn’t spend much. Yusssss.

Cute top courtesy of Louise

First of all, I have been totally profiting from the Aotearoa Online Clothes Swap Shop on flickr set up by the magnificent Stripy Socks Helen. Seriously brilliant. Basically, you put all your clothes on there that are no longer needed and then benefit from the great karmic wheel that is so known and loved in online crafty circles. So head on over and add some stuff. Only catch is that you must be from NZ. But don’t hesitate to start your own if you are somewhere else!

Wool knit, houndstooth fabric, and two woollen blankets.

And second, I just hit a Church ‘trash to treasure’ sale and man it rocked. Thrifting in Wellington is a bit damn difficult unless you have time, connections, bargaining skills, or are willing to travel. The op shops are frequented by thrifting queens and kings and the prices just seem to be ridiculous for thrifted stuff. So I don’t often do it. BUT the church sale rocked my world. It seemed I was the only sewer around… and while there wasn’t a greeeat selection of fabric, there was enough to make me happy! Especially because it was so damn cheap. I have a thing for wool blankets being made into quilts at the moment… although that yellow one is calling out to be made into a skirt as inspired by Emma from the clothes swap pool.

Emma is fab and is totally rocking the clothes swap thing. Oh crap. I just went to get a photo of the cute little pineapple brooch that I acquired from her and it has fallen from my bag. Rats. I loved that brooch!

Glass jars from the Church sale

1970s crochet blanket

And thiiiiird… I managed to get hold of a blanket that my Great Aunt Carol crocheted in the 1970s. She very generously let me have it and it’s so so cool that she made it herself and it’s all rocking and crocheted. Weeeeeeeeee.

And now I must go. I have a childfree weekend as my daddio has taken Hannah with him to Masterton and so I must use this time wisely to sew my little heart out. I’m excited!


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