A great day for gardening

The sun is shining and the sky is blue so I gave my plants some love and attention.
This little parsley plant was bought at the Church sale yesterday. It is to replace the parsley plants that have just recently been weeded from our garden.

We sort of have ‘special quirks’ when it comes to actually collecting stuff from the garden, and the parsley was one of them. Originally Gaz’s mum (our pro-gardener) had planted herbs in our pungas. Which was absolutely fab and they loved it! They took off like you wouldn’t believe… and then so we had giant parsley and sage plants obscuring our other plants. Which I didn’t mind… but Jute had other ideas. So she removed the parsley and potted it… and it had a fit and died. Or so we thought! We sort of dumped it unceremoniously on another part of our garden one day and forgot about it. Either it seeded… or parts of it weren’t dead… and we found parsley sprouting up amongst the weeds. Yay! So it was fab… we had happy parsley in multiple places. Problem was when you went to get it in the dark you also ended up with a handful of grass but that was fine.

But then our pro-gardener came and tidied up our garden and it looks fabulous! But our parsley is no more.

Until now. Grow teeny tiny parsley plant… grow!

I have also finally planted my heritage tomato seeds from Bristol seeds and gave them a new home in our inside green house – the warmest room in the house. It is curiously large for what it serves as and gets sun allll day. It’s going to make a great green house…

And it also doubles as our linen cupboard (excuse mess!):

AND hallelujah – I’ve not yet killed the strawberry plants! The opposite in fact… they are growing! Weeeeeee. The two plants were looking a little cramped in their shared tub, so I transplanted one to another tub and hopefully haven’t killed it in the process.

Tomorrow I will share the mad amount of creating I did in my childfree time. It was brilliant.


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