Sewing my heart out


Pairs of baby shoes made from the startdust shoes pattern for various pressies for people who make tiny little girls. Only problem is that all the preggo types I know seem to be having boys. I’m USELESS at choosing boy fabrics. So that’s a new mission… buy only fabrics that can be boy oriented.

And a little dress for the Devil Child. I cut this out a trillion years ago but abandoned it when I was called upon to do something motherly. Luckily I had a trial run with a dress before I finished this as I’m pretty sure Hannah would have had to have limbs the size of toothpicks to be able to get into this. So I chopped larger arm holes and woooo… it works!

10 thoughts on “Sewing my heart out

  1. awww, her haircut is unbelievably look great too you clever thing, might give those a go for my newest niece… or are they trickstery?but the big question – what did you use for the soles?


  2. Love the shoes! Great fabric choices. And the dress is very nice, wish my girl would wear something that girly. I’ve made heaps of boys shoes in that pattern, mainly leather, but minky too. If you want some leather let me know I have some spare in boy colours.


  3. i’m with skyflame, i would *totally* put those blue shoes on my boy!any hey now you’re going to be waay ahead of the game next time someone has a girl! 🙂


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