Like a woman possessed

I may have a little obsession with quilts at the momento.

I can’t control it.

I completely lack the technical knowledge to quilt, the skill to quilt with, the coordination to colour-match with, and the time to undertake such a task.

But I’m gonna do it.

One day soon.

You just wait.

P.S. Saw the famed Crochet Lady yesterday in Office Max. It’s amazing how demystifying it is seeing such a mythical creature in an office stationery store. I averted all eye contact to shield my disappointment.


4 thoughts on “Like a woman possessed

  1. Oh, quilts are so lovely. I have friend how is super crafty and wins awards for hers. They take AGES, but man, are they worth it! I should take a pic of one I have made for me by a dear friend…it’s made out of old jeans. It’s filled with memories and is a gift I’ll always treasure.


  2. I love those pics and I recognise some of those fabrics, funny cause i am making a quilt using them at the moment.Wished i lived closer so i could give you a hand to get started!


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