Doing nothing for motivation

I’ve been trying to churn out as much knitting as humanly possible in the last few weeks which has meant that I’ve abandoned projects as soon as they are off the needles… unfortunately they have grown into a giant pile of projects waiting for the ends to be woven in and embellishments to be added and my motivation has run to an all time low.

Thank goodness I am the world’s laziest knitter and refuse to knit anything that isn’t constructed to be knitted in one piece. I would throw a massive tanty if I had to seam them all as well. There’d be tears. And swearing. And stamping. I do a meeeean tantrum when needed.

P.S. Man alive just read over my post and it made absolutely no sense. I apologise profusely to those that read this blog in a reader because I ALWAYS edit my posts at least twice after hitting ‘publish post’. Some may think it a good idea to read BEFORE I push that button. Yes, well, I’ve never been known to do things the most logical way, have I?

4 thoughts on “Doing nothing for motivation

  1. Start with sewing in the ends on the ones that don’t need any embellishment, and then approach the rest one at a time. Sewing in ends doesn’t take long… I do them as I go now.


  2. impressive pile! I too am physically incapable of doing the editing before publishing. I regularly have minor tanties about most of my posts making it to feed readers halfcocked. Meh.


  3. lol, i am totally with you and SB. it’s a rare day indeed that i’m happy with the first edit of the blog post… but hey, <>c’est la vie, n’est-ce pas?<>oh i am so good at fourth form french!mwah X


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