Does it count as self-taught if you learned from Golden Hands Vol. 1? I’ll count it.

So I practised my crochet today and made a hat… or most of a hat… and now I can’t for the life of me figure out which way around crochet goes! I have a feeling that I am displaying the hat wrong side out, but it was much tidier that way so wrong side it is!

The problem is that my self-teaching methods always seem to lead to something being a tad wrong with my technique. Same thing happened with learning to knit from videos. Some may be able to pass it off as their ‘unique style,’ Mum just regarded me closely while I was knitting, turned her head to the side and frowned then said, “You are knitting backwards!” As it turned out, knitting the right way round proved to be a whole bunch easier.

My crochet style seems to be alriiiiight, but it is definitely helpful having some one around with crochet expertise when it comes to photographing your newfound skill to show off to the entire blog world your three readers. I’m hoping that if I got it wrong that people will find it endearing rather than just plain stupid.


11 thoughts on “Self-taught

  1. Looking good! One thing to make sure is that you're aware of the difference in English & American crochet terms; it can lead to problems later… E:double = A:single, E:triple = A:double, for example.


  2. Oh my goodness I used to have that excact book too, have no idea what I have done with it though…. I think that your crochet is fabulous, I tried to teach myself a while back and got super confused and gave up. Have to learn pretty quick smart as need it to finish off a bag I am knitting.Keep up the good work, clever you I say….X


  3. Shit girl! Is there anything you can’t ‘self teach’. I’ve had people in ‘real life’ try and show me how to knit, many times, and I still don’t get it. Go you! Love the beanie…is it for you??


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