I’m excited. Are you excited?

So this time I am not dying from a horrible disease (commonly known as the flu) so I can make it! Wooooooooo!

There might even be some craft actiony secret activity going on. But you won’t know unless you come along. So definitely do.

And in other news, I discovered another wannabecraftivist like mahself. She works in the next office and I might just pester her enough that she’ll agree to join the Manners St Knitting Posse. Current membership = 1. Potential to double that number has just increased dramatically. Excellent.

And freakerooni I forgot how much Wellington city rocks in the summer time. Buskers have been out in full force and they are awesomely talented. All I’ve had all winter is the ridiculous buskers that frequent Kilbirnie, hang around outside Woolworths and put down their guitars and smoke as soon as you walk past them and they see that you aren’t going to reward them for what I consider is begging. Gah. Maybe if they didn’t put on the farce of ‘busking’ and just held their hands out I might actually give them something. Maybe I should think on this some more when I’m not in such a mean mood. What can I say? I need food.

Right. See ya at the New Dowse tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “I’m excited. Are you excited?

  1. Can I join the MSKP? If it involves knitting hunched over your needles, swearing a lot, unpicking the last hour’s work, cursing why the crochet hook you’re using to fix mistakes is just a smidgeon too big, and just unravelling the whole lot and starting again, then I am sooo overqualified.


  2. Hrmmm Kimberley… I’m wondering if you may have to adjust your technique just a tad to be part of the MSKP. We usually regard with interest that we’ve made a mistake about 10 rows back, consider that the item is knit in 4 ply, shed a little tear, remember that the cardigan is going to a non-knitter and continue on in the hope that they won’t notice. ha.😉You can join for sure! I might head out today about 1pm for an hours worth of sun-drenched knitting.


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