Growing and learning

On Friday night I was digging through my piles of crap of the craft kind looking for something terribly important that had disappeared in the eternal abyss that is my bedroom, Hannah’s little voice piped up and asked if she could do some sewing. She happened to be holding my bag of embroidery thread so I found her a hoop (yes, I do have a special system of location in my PoC [Piles of Crap] that usually pulls through… just not for what *I* wanted of course.) and some linen and my blunt yarn needle and showed her how to make a simple stitch.

She chose the colours and did really well. I did have to rethread the needle a gazintyzillion times but it was worth it to see that my brainwashing modeling has been working. Craft is cool I tell ya.

Anyway, apart from general raving about how awesome my kid is at crafty stuff… I also wanted to ramble on about her approaching birthday.

THE KID IS ALMOST 4! How did that even happen?!!? I’m only 23! With an almost 4 year old. *faint*

Apparently she’s been growing while I haven’t been looking and is increasingly more observant and opinionated and critical and analytical and wise and all that. Scares me to death. I’ll have to stop making stuff up. She’ll start calling my bluff. I’ll have to give more in depth explanations that I currently do. Like when Han asks “what’s that?” I wont be able to reply “Oh, that’s a sand hopper. It hops and stuff.” And gosh, is sand hopper even the technically correct term? It’s sounding like an awful lot of work being the mother-of-a-four-year-old. I’m not sure I’m up to it.

Oh well. I have approximately 19 days to prepare. Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “Growing and learning

  1. one of the things I remember when I was getting my bachelor in early childhood education was when they told us – you dont need to know anything – theres always the internet or the library – cool ??? 🙂so if she asks questions you dont know the answer you could always go to the library and get some books outor look on the internet 🙂enjoy her they do grow fastJen


  2. A gazintyzillion sounds like a very big number indeed (maybe the amount that has been wiped on the sharemarket in recent days?). But it would have be worth the re-threading – I think it is fantastic she wants to sew – I hope my wee one wants to do the same one day.


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