Magic and hats

The boring part: more hats. Finally getting something together for Juniper.
A hat for my step-sister/bestest-bud-since-we-were-little whose birthday was in August. Luckily she knows me well enough that she didn’t expect anything less. I’ve actually been promising a care package since she left for her OE back in November. Oops.

And finally the magic part… this is Hannah’s “magic potion disapotion” – apparently it makes people or things disappear. I almost had it tipped over me while I was having a nap in the sunshine on the lawn but luckily she missed. I did get the last little splash dripped on my back though. I may have squealed. It was magic that she didn’t get hung from the clothes line for that little display of cheekiness.


6 thoughts on “Magic and hats

  1. I love the red ribbon too. So cute. Could you tell me where you got your cool labels made? I’ve been looking for somewhere local but can’t find anyone and the online ones don’t quite fit the bill. And more importantly how was craft 2.0?


  2. Hello there, its been a while but I am slowly getting back to check up on all the goings-on. Love the hats. And the magic potion – brilliant. Does Hannah have the book ‘Possum Magic’ by Mem Fox? x


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