Increasing productivity

So the mission of my break was to be more productive. Well… I was…. sorta… mostly at work (which is a good thing!) but not so much on the crafty front. I had an insane officey type week last week organising some pretty major meetings. And they went well. Phew. Now I have to write up a list of all the crap I screwed up so I don’t do it all again next year. Awesome.

But someone who has been productive is the little demon child herself. Check this out:

Oh look. A Nikki specialty – blurry photo. Woooo… bet ya missed that huh?

Writing. Freaking writing. I know you aren’t supposed to be all excited when they do things like form letters etc but she did it all herself! I was sitting here ignoring her [as usual] and she just picks up the pen and starts writing. And I’m just so damn proud that she *wants* to ya know? She’s willing to keep the geek alive. I’ve successfully passed down the mantle of the love of language and all things writey. Yay. Mission complete. Perfect mother and all that. After her super letter writing she tried to get me to read it to her which proved a tad difficult… but baby steps people. Baby steps.

And just as a further little proud mama moment… and I don’t get to do this often… [I did think Hannah had been severely affected by the excessive alcohol in early pregnancy that she was exposed to. Damn finding out so late!] she’s not even 4! And people keep thinking that she is so much older than she is and it’s cool. I mean, it also could have something to do with the huge amount of Att.i.tude. that she displays 99% of the time… but I’ll pretend it’s because she’s extremely articulate and fantastically growed up.

The thing I am worried about is her street smarts. I thought the kid was academically not-so-much-the-brightest-crayon-in-the-box but up there with the macgyer-escapist-techniques and sneaky-toddly-manipulation skills but she hasn’t even found her not-so-hidden birthday present yet. It’s right underneath her in the photo fergoodnesssake! So maybe I still have some work to do. Present-hunting is of the utmost importance to achieve things in life. We’ll work on it.

And on my bloggy break… you know the thing that was the most enjoyable? Getting to bed at a reasonable hour. I feel so rested! Still tired of course… but not threatening to fall asleep mid sentence or anything. I think I’m going to maintain a break from my geeky parenting forums. It’s been a long time coming but I think I’m ready.

Right… now to get to sleep.


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