The back of the project list

The project list on my side bar is a laugh. Ridiculous I tell you. None of it is stuff I am actually going to knit (sorry Liz! maybe one day!

I do have a huuuuge project list that lives in my head. Most of it is items promised to people because I am useless at saying no as well as having unrealistic ideas about how much time I have to knit… or how long it takes to knit something… or forget the aforementioned project-list-that-lives-in-head. Every now and again something will make it from the list into reality. Usually after a massive guilt trip by the person who was promised to. Like my little brother. For his birthday. In February. 2007. Oops.

So this is the hat that I finally knit for 15 year old Rob:

Can we please note that it fits the almost-4-year-old perfectly? I somehow don’t think I’m any closer to being able to tick him off my project list. Damnit.

Life lesson/rule: don’t promise things you aren’t going to knit. Karma has a way of kicking you in the ass for that. Or alternatively… follow a damn knitting pattern.


4 thoughts on “The back of the project list

  1. oh gee, and i was always so impressed by your super organised sidebar lists. at least give that poor girl her 2nd leg warmer. one leg warmer? that’s really pushing the boundaries 😆hmmm, bummer – but you know it does look like chocolate covered licorice, and you *totally* get points for that – sizing schmizing.


  2. Beany: yeah, problem is that they are in France til Jan. No incentive. And Niamh claims that she loves the one! She uses it as a puppet apparently.K: I’m gonna send it anyway and he can do with it what he wishes! 😉 And I wish I could claim it took a full year… it took a week to knit. I just procrastinated for a year and a half.


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