Cheating and weddings

You can stop stressing people… the two subjects included in this posts title are not at all related. Except for both being in this post.

Cheating: I cheated and won a competition on the incidentally happy Kelly’s blog. The cheating was all out in the open. I commented a couple of times accidentally as I rambled my way through the things going on in my head and happened to guess her birthday time and place correctly. On my third go or something. Hence the cheating. Everyone else only got one guess. Oops.

Anywayyyy… as my prize for being a cheater the winner, she sent me some gorgeous orangey yarnadu yarn which was hand-dyed by Fi who has to be one of the most talented yarn dyeing types around these parts.
It’s beautiful and a fantastic colour for the red-headed devil child… so she is getting a little halter neck top made from it. Providing I can figure out how the design works. I’ve totally given up knitting from patterns…. which isn’t working out as well as I’d hoped. It requires me to actually think through things before I dive in. Not my strong point.

So thank you thank you thank you Kelly. And apparently this is just the first part! Mannn… the bloggy world spoils me.

AND now for the wedding part: I announced a few months ago that my sis and her boyfriend had gotten engaged. Jute has now finished up school for everrrr and can now concentrate on weddingy stuff. They’ve decided that March next year is as good a time as any to get married and I’ve designated myself as Wedding Planner. Or as Jute has now started referring to me: WP.

So woooooo… I’ve got a wedding to plan!

And although it isn’t the most attractive pic in the world… it cracks me up and says squillions about our little flat. This is how the flatmates (minus Tobin) spent this morning, all bundled up in bed together. Jute was hung over… Gaz was bored… the kid was getting into everything… and I was wedding planning.


8 thoughts on “Cheating and weddings

  1. Thanks! What a lovely compliment.I wondered why she bought that colour for you, but now it all makes sense.The yarn details are on the back of the tag in case you hadn’t found them. It would be awesome for a summerlin dress or maybe a two summer sundress….. Then you could find a yummy fabric to match it!


  2. Omigoodness Fi. I am such a doi. I didn’t even realise the details were on the tag!!! Soooo useless of me.So: ‘blood orange’ officially. The name matches the colour perfectly.Oooo I LOVE the summerlin dress. Maybe I frog this weird halter thing I’ve developed!


  3. You do realise you’ll be enthusiastic about wedding planning for about 5 minutes huh? Planning a wedding is a special kind of evil. My best advice is not to make sure the band is actually a BAND (NOT a group of karaoke singers), that the bridesmaid doesn’t forget the flowers and makeup on the day and that the hot water cylinder at teh pre-wedding accommodation allows you to shave more than an inch of your leg before going stone cold thereby requiring you to have every motel unit in the compelx opened so you can run between them in an attempt to have one whole shower.🙂 🙂 🙂Have FFFUUUUUUUUNN!!


  4. Hee hee you guys. Such morning cosiers. It’s really exactly the same at ours each morning ‘xcept for the faltties of course.But your kiddo must get great kicks out of all the sunshiney sparkle morning faces eh.X lies


  5. Thanks Nikki for the mother of a red head support I could never have related to it until I had one. I’m glad mine’s got siblings I’d go insane otherwise. Your flatmates must be pretty special.


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