Remaining silent?

I’ve stopped blogging. I’ve been consumed by an argument. It shouldn’t even be an argument. Unfortunately it is. My little tummy has been churning. Butterflies not just fluttering their wings, but doing kamikaze dives around in there. Beating against the walls of my stomach. Causing themselves headaches with the force they hit the sides.

People around me have told me that it isn’t worth responding. And I agree. But it’s a friend I am arguing with. Someone whose opinion I value. Well, usually.

The strength of my side of the argument is weak because I’m new to this feminist theory stuff. I’ve always spoken out strongly against injustice, but now comes the time to be coherent and informed and level-headed. I’m not so good at those.

So… how do you convince someone that a societal focus on violence against women isn’t actually setting out to infringe on men’s rights?

And what do you say to someone who asks “when are feminists going to stop?”

How do you take those questions objectively? How do you calm the angst in your tummy? How do you not crawl into bed and give up hope that the world will ever be a pleasant place to live?

Thank freaking goodness that I found this.

P.S. Thanks for the Handmirror types for fueling my interest in all things feministy.

P.P.S. I’m suffering from ‘a week of sadness’ this week so don’t expect too much light-hearted blogging from here. I made a dress for Hannah… but that’s just going to lead to another outpouring of sadness. Apologies for being so dramatic. It’s what I do best.


4 thoughts on “Remaining silent?

  1. wow. i guess it depends on how important this is – is it a core value to you? Because while you might want to remain loyal to your friend (and your friendship with him), ultimately you should be loyal to your own values first.


  2. Tell them feminists will stop when women cease to be killed by their partners in their own homes for starters, let alone a million and one other reasons for feminists to exist… Sod them!


  3. Hey I’m sorry you feel torn by this argument. However NO rights can be claimed/justified in relation to violence. The fight to protect women and children against domestic and other violence, often from male partners -AND that’s just reality- has nothing much to do with feminism, or I’ll refrase has maybe only been kept up by feminists but should be every-ones concern.There m’dear I’ll just shut up now.


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