Taken a turn

Shock will do that to ya.

I think I’ve just propelled myself out of ‘a week of sadness’ and am now somewhere in the hysterical stage. Can’t help laughing. A lot.

We’ve just been notified that our landlady wants to move back in to her house.

In 6 weeks.

So we have to find a new house.

In less than 6 weeks.

Anyone who knows Wellington can join me in laughing hysterically.


12 thoughts on “Taken a turn

  1. Good luck – is NZ as bad as Aus for renting at the moment? I feel your pain – I got a termination notice from my previous unit when I was nearly 8 months pregnant. In fact, I was due out of the unit on the same day Ellie was due. I think I cried for a whole weekend when I got that letter.


  2. Oh crap!Man I was just thinking AGAIN what a score your guys place is…….I don’t know if she can legally ask you to move out in 6 weeks time.Up to you if you want to rock the boat.But have some faith you guys are good people you will find something perfect šŸ™‚


  3. Jamara – yep, she can. The first thing I did was check the law on that because it seemed wrong to me too but no, poor Nikki! 42 days is all the notice the Landlord is required to give šŸ˜¦


  4. Oh NOOOOOOOO, good luck finding somewhere. I have found myself in a similar position in the UK, it’s a nightmare! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you..X


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