4th anniversary of being in immense amounts of pain

Also known as the Devil Child’s birthday. Yep, she’s a Halloween kid.

There was a lot of opening to do in the morning

And eating dessert pizza for breakfast – the beginning of the sugar high

Icing the cake – sugar high continues

The cake for creche. Do I need to mention more sugar?

And after creche – some setting up for the party tomorrow.

A picture of Hannah in case you didn’t remember what she looked like and needed a refresher before you walked in. Avoiding those akward situations where ‘Happy Birthday’ is happily bestowed upon someone whose birthday it is not. Fool proof plan.

Um. More Hannahs. Potentially showing off the post-cake bod.

Hijacking the ‘trick or treat’ers and being offered their bags of treats to dip in to on account of it being a birthday. *ahem* More sugar. Scoring a sweet mask.

Looking after the kids longingly as they trot off in their costumes down the street to harass others. Hannah will be subjected to a lengthy Pagan ritual education session before she’s allowed to even begin celebrating Samhain.

Tomorrow is the party. For some reason I started feeling awfully sick this afternoon which culminated in me making a run for the work bathrooms allllll the way down a long hallway to expel my lunch. I’m feeling alright now but I think ‘The Gods’ were trying to give me the perfect excuse to get out of having a bunch of kids around to destroy my house. ha.

I lie… I’m looking forward to having them all over. Some people who I’ve not had the chance to catch up with for aaaaaages. Here’s hoping I’m less stressed than other years. I won’t hold my breath.


P.S. Week of sadness is over. I think I’ve redefined the acronym PMS to stand for Pre-Menstrual Sadness. ah well… made a change from me being bitchy. Or maybe it was an add on. Man I’m delightful.

P.P.S. Eeeeeeeeek. Just put an apostrophe somewhere it wasn’t meant to be. The punctuation Nazi herself. SHOOT ME NOW.


11 thoughts on “4th anniversary of being in immense amounts of pain

  1. happy birthday hanny pants!so, you’re hoping it doesn’t rain overnight then huh?congratulations on not breaking your baby! four years! does it ever strike you as mind blowingly freakish that you have had possesion of something so mobile for four years and it’s not broken? Or is that just me. *ahem*She’s cuteness. Well done mama πŸ˜‰


  2. Happy Birthday Hannah! And Happy Anniversary of a very painful moment in time, Nikki πŸ˜‰Congrats on surviving four years! Hope you all have a great party today.Oh, and I recognise some of the trick ot treaters in your pic (Greek rellies!) πŸ™‚


  3. Oh my goodness a red head Halloween baby! My friend from the states has one of those, the hospital staff were all dressed up and when baby was born at two minutes to midnight the devil took him away to the nursery and a hippy came to check on Mom. Congratulations on not breaking your baby is great! She looks adorable in the dress and with the clip in the hair.


  4. Uuummmm … Nikki? Ohhh … this is awkward (crap, sp?) … I don’t mean to be rude, but are you sure that you haven’t made a wee oopsie there? Hannah only turned three 5 minutes ago …πŸ˜‰


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