Another 364 days of peace left

We survived. Just.

Actually, it was just me that almost died. The kid threw a major tanty mid-party after Jute tried to remind her of her new dairy-free status just as she was about to eat a chocolate that one of her friend’s had given her in her birthday pressie. Poor kid.

After the party the kid was just as awake and bouncy as ever but the two nights of baking into the small hours had gotten to me and I enforced a sleep. We all cuddled up in Jute’s bed and after about 1/2 an hour of being poked and prodded she finally gave up.

The kid had another year of a crap cake. Decorated moments before people walked in and busted me in my dressing gown. Oops.

She insisted on cutting her own cake which resulted in some interestingly shaped slices and a frazzled mama who was quite concerned with the confidence and lack of co-ordination that the kid was brandishing that knife.

And thanks Vic for creating such a stunning dress for the kid’s birthday. I love it!

Hannah has something she wants to share:


My goodness. She’s the world’s slowest blogger.

One thought on “Another 364 days of peace left

  1. I see no crap cake.I see a groovey cake being cut by a devil child so I must assume you are mistaken in regards to your cakey abilities.Sorry to hear you almost crashed from exhaustion, but hey its over for another year and you’re also a year closer to the madness of kids parties ending.xx


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