Decorating Christmas

So far I have resisted my genetic predisposition to get absolutely crazy about Christmas. My mum is nuts. It’s kinda cute in a scarily obsessive way.

But this year I am participating in an NZ based Christmas ornament swap that the extremely clever Louise has thought up. The closing date is Friday this week so you still have time to get on in there. I’m really looking forward to doing some little knittededy Christmassy things. My mama will be so proud!

And on the house front… we’ve got an appointment to view a house this afternoon and it’s a bit crap looking, but seems to fit most of our extremely long list of house criteria. I’m hoping IF it works out then we’ll be able to talk the property manager/landlordy type to let us do some general beautifying.

So – go sign up for the Christmas ornament swap and I’ll update on how the house situation goes. I’ve got some ideas for making it fun… so even if the houses turn out to be crap or we have to scramble with the 600 other people trying to also live there, I’ll have something to blog about. Ha.


3 thoughts on “Decorating Christmas

  1. Fingers crossed for your new home.Happy belated kisses Hanna, you’re cheeky and you’re cute and I would go for chocolate too. The two-dress is gorgeous, sorry girls for the ecz… Weh I wish I copuld give you some really cool advise but… Lieve’s best friend has it badly too. Good luck with the dairy free sweets I ‘ll think of you.


  2. Good luck with the dairy diet, hope it works. Lola is just showing signs of having eczema, I am going to try a lotion that I learnt at Aromatherapy school, I will let you know if it works… I have signed up for the ornament swap too, just been wondering what the heck I am going to make and wondering why I have found something else to put on my list of things to do………. Oh well I love Christmas!!! Oh yeah amazing dress by the way, I am sure it will look just a lovely with a wee singlet underneath..X


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