How sewing a dress leads to an animal ban

So I made her a dress. A two summer sun dress, to be exact. With the lovely yarn from Yarnadu given to me by the lovely Kelly and some delish fabric from Joel Dewberry.

But the kid won’t wear it. It itches.

Don’t get me wrong… she loves the dress… she just can’t deal with wearing wool. And it wasn’t until now that I’ve been able to accept it. Denial is a beautiful thing. The Devil Child was more relaxed about the prospect of not being able to wear the dress. She simply said “that’s OK, I’ll wear a singlet under it.”

So yeah, the Devil Child has had eczema for a very long time. Since she was a teeny tiny devil child in fact. Well…. she was never really teeny tiny. So we’ll go with 6 months.

So, she itches and she scratches and I’ve tried a gazintyzillion natural remedies and preventative measures and all that works (so far) to calm it down when it flares up once in a while is using hydrocortisone. So I do. And I know the deal with thinning the skin and blah blah blah. But I just want to stop her scratching it… because to be honest, the fact that she is gouging out holes in her wrist and inside her elbows is doing far more damage than hydrocortisone does! (Sorry… my hang ups… not yours 😉 )

Anywayyy… last weekend she flared up big time. And it led to her waking up in tears at 2am and not being able to stop crying. There was blood. And weeping of fluidy business. It wasn’t fun for her at all. So I decided to do something about it. We’ve never had allergy tests but I’ve put her on a dairy-free diet to see how it goes. It looked like it was improving a few days ago but I don’t know if that’s just wishful thinking. And then there’s the fact that I have the stickability of baked beans. eg. None. She threw a major tanty at her party (as mentioned previously) because she tried to eat chocolate. I decided to let her make the choice. And what choice is a 4 year old going to make when they are faced with chocolate or no-chocolate? Always the chocolate. I don’t blame her really.

So a few more sheepies can stay woolly on account of Han not being able to wear it and a few more cows can keep their milk on account of a dairy-free trial. She’s doing her bit for animal kind. Except for the fact that she loves meat. She’s very selective about her animal rights.


10 thoughts on “How sewing a dress leads to an animal ban

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous dress! Love the wool and love the fabric!She looks so pretty in it too, how sucky that it itches 😦Good luck with the dairy free thing. My little bro was DF for asthma when we were little and my mum had to do a lot of baking so that he didn’t miss out on choccy biscuits and cake on birthdays!


  2. Poor Hanny-kid. Poor, poor Hanny-kid. It’s bad enough getting eczema when you’re a big ‘un, let alone a little ‘un. Uncool (BTW – HOW grown up does she look in that first pic? Gave me a heart attack!)My mum is prone to horrendous eczema and can’t use hydr…however you spell it – she gets it covering her face, and it’s like a mask – it cracks and bleeds. Vicious, vile stuff eczema. I’ve a horrible feeling she uses an almighty combination of herbal remedies (eg. herbally pills) which would be useless for a 4yo, but I’ll ask in case she can suggest something you may not have come across. Just in case. It’s worth a go! Have you tried though Lucas’ Papaw ointment? You can read about it on nature baby … I find it good for little bits of itchy. I can send you some down in a little container to try if you want 🙂 (no point spending $ if it’s a long shot)Anyway – ma is sunning it up in Oz visiting a grand-kiddly, so I’ll try to remember to ask her when she gets back. If I forget – remind me!!


  3. Hey beauty,Might want to try keeping a food diary? Would decrease the randomness of the dairy-free. If you want I have heeeeeeeeaps of DF recipes from when the boy-kids were eczema-ish. Also sea water is supposed to calm it down, bring on summer. Lovestitches is right about the pinetarsol too, it smells like death but by golly it works. Good luck on the housing. Ali xoxoxoxo


  4. Hey our red head has eczema too, not as bad by the sound of it though. We use a Kawa Kawa cream I’ll send you some to try, it also has beeswax, calendula and olive or almond oil if you send your address I’ll post some next time we make it. We use pinetarsol too.


  5. Have you tried comfrey cream? no idea where to get it, but my bro had serious bad excema when when he was a kid. My Aunt suggested comfrey cream, gave mum a pot, she applied and voila – like magic it disappeared, never to be seen again. One would think one of the many health shops around would have it.


  6. If it is a dairy thing, I can provide advice on that front – I’ve been vegan for 6 years now! Not so helpful if it’s another food related thing.I’ve got a mild skin condition and I find that avoiding chemicals in shampoos etc., keeping well stocked on magnesium and zinc (essential for repair of damaged skin), and using a hemp derived moisturiser (natural anti-inflamatory properties) all help immensely.


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