No 51

Very close to being right for such a crappy house.

We would have taken it if we had the money to repaint and fix peeling wall paper, could deal with mould on ceilings, a rotting out bathroom window, no room in the kitchen, and a scummy bathroom.

It had heaps of room, wide driveway, an already planted vegetable garden, a good location, stand alone property, great garage, and lots of room.



8 thoughts on “No 51

  1. Yep Kat, I thought you’d understand or be able to laugh manically from your cute little place after I would always rave on about how much I love our house. Damn it. 😉And Hannah, suuuuucky. But yeah, they go so fast!!! It’s insane. And the competition with other people… I can’t handle it!


  2. Hi Nikki – I hope you get the house you want soon – house hunting sucks.Thanks for your comment yesterday – for a minute I was wondering why flat shoes would keep you sane but then I realised “flaties” are flatmates (hmmm, I was not the brightest blogger yesterday). I would kill for flatties – I think other people’s company at the end of a long day is what I miss the most. You are very lucky – seems not that many people interested in taking on a mum and a bub as a flatmates over this way.Anyway good luck with the houseAmanda


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