Votey McVoterson

Go and doooo ittttt.

I’m just going to haul my sorry ass to the shower and make the trip down the road to cast off my own little vote to ensure the future of our country continues on its merry little leftist path. (Well… that ain’t technically correct but who am I to get in the way of a cheery sentence?)



One thought on “Votey McVoterson

  1. yay! voted yesterday…the first thing to make me truly stressed thus far as it made it real…currently twiddling my thumb at Hutt ‘Control Central B’ armed with 2 laptops, a cellphone, a landline, the paper, coffee, cake and my knitting. the troops are out. thunderbirds are go. Let’s just hope the boss doesn’t head my way anytime soon in his overly stressed state!


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