More boring than ever

I just tried to take some photos of the tiny little stocking decorations that I’ve been knitting but I don’t know how to use the flash properly so they were all washed out and looked horrible so instead I am writing a post that is all in one sentence and will have just have to hope that you don’t run out of breath by the end of it as I am about to do though that it mostly to do with the fact that I can’t breathe out my nose on account of having contracted the nasty disease that has been working its way around our office taking out each staff member one by one and then all of a sudden it’s my turn and my body is too weak to stave it off due to consistent abuse over the weekend so it has given up completely and welcomed the chance to sit me down and give me a good talking to even though that has had absolutely no effect whatsoever on my inability to say no which is evident in the fact that I have managed to sign myself up for the website and head of committee on policy at creche and then offer my services to the Roundtable on Violence Against Women which is insanity considering I barely have enough time to sleep at night because I try to blog regularly and craft stuff and keep devilishred going on and have a social life and work and raise a child but I like to do stuff so I have no one to blame but myself which is alright because I’d rather be busy than idle.


4 thoughts on “More boring than ever

  1. Haha Nikki! Your website always makes my eyes go funny, and reading that I can barely see 😉 Feel better soon! Hopefully santa will bring you a house for Christmas! (unless you’ve found one already?)


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