Second attempt

1st attempt at taking photos yesterday – fail.

1st attempt at knitting a teeny stocking for a tree – acceptable.

2nd attempt at taking photos – success.

2nd attempt at knitting a teeny stocking for a tree – success. Well… sorta. Gotta work out that afterthought heel. If only I knew how to knit socks.

These are potential designs for the Christmas ornament swap being run by Louise. I’m thinking of trying a few others before I make a decision. Clock is ticking though!

And in other news, why does my child have to ask difficult questions when my brain is mush?

Take today for example… sitting down quietly before bedtime reading a story about some animals who are attempting to save an island of paradise from an evil Capitalist authoritarian named Gretch. *Yeah, thanks Paul McCartney for that particular literary genius*

Hannah stops me mid sentence and asks “why are all the people in the story animals who wear clothes?”

Not a good time to delve into the intricacies of anthropomorphism and the tendency of human beings to consider themselves superior to other earthly beings.* Another day perhaps. Another day.

*Actually I don’t have a problem with anthropomorphism but my ex-boyfriend of an extremely Steinerish family did.

One thought on “Second attempt

  1. see now, I would’ve attempted an explanation – i always do, and i always regret themthey often go like this“well sometimes animals like to wear clothes cause they get cold”“what about when they are hot?”“then they go naked”fast forward four days to an unomfortable converstion with dayacre workers about Jake taking off his clothes and then trying to take off others.such….a ….crap…..parent.


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