All things green

Ils ont fait du camping. Yuhuh. We did. On Friday.

We all drove out past Wainuiomata (man, that place is strange!) and found a little DOC camping ground surrounded by native bush and land in the process of regeneration. (Pic below. The other side was gorgeous I promise!)

Our tent only just lasted the distance as Jute underestimated the power of Wellington wind (yes. How? I know.) and didn’t secure down all the guy ropes. The park ranger may have laughed at us in the morning.

And another item of green is this cute little cardigan that I made for Han’s best creche buddy’s little brother or sister who is leaving for Norway soon safely ensconsced in his or her mama’s belly.
I cannot tell you how many people commented on the colour of this little cardi and I think it has to be my fave colour yet. Pity that I can’t find many people who make yarn in this colour! It’s 4 ply Naturally Haven yarn – 100% merino to keep the babe nice and snug over in the Norgey winter.

The pattern was mostly on the improvised side of things. I constructed it in a similar way to this cardigan but changed the front style and sort of made up how many stitches were meant to be there as I have only knitted the other pattern once about a year ago. The cardigan could have done with the addition of some button holes but I didn’t think through how I was going to do the damn thing up until the end. Oops. Maybe next time.

Oh yeah, and I promised to ramble on more about the new house! We are moving in a few weeks and I can’t wait – though I’m hoping the magic packing and cleaning faeries are going to come sort out that side of things for me. The garage is a bit smaller (read: a lot!) than our current situation so Gaz is going to have to downsize his chop shop. (He doesn’t ACTUALLY have a chop shop. I promise! Well… atleast not in the illegal sense.) The new place has a huge (hilly) back yard with massive vege garden potential so I’m soooo excited about that… and big rooms with large windows which hopefully means that Han will get some decent air flow through her room and *fingers crossed* we’ll see an improvement with her eczema and wheezing. (Still in denial about asthma.) Land lord/lady are a super sweet couple and it’s his family home that we’ll be living in. Kitchen is averaaaage and I have to buy a fridge but that’s alright. And best of all – it’s cheaper than our current place! (Which was already freaking cheap) So yaaaaaaaaaaaaay.


4 thoughts on “All things green

  1. Oi, don’t diss my hometown πŸ˜‰ Although I do all the time. You’re brave for staying out there, don’t know if I would πŸ˜› Yay for the house, when ya moving? Let me know if we can entertain the kid for you.


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