Magic cure no. 346

I’m not usually in to magic cures. And I fundamentally disagree with this product because of its employment of a stupid shortened crappy made-up word in the place of a perfectly good one. Why is it necessary? Why?!?!

Anyway… this magic cure may just be working. The dairy free diet isn’t. But that could be cause I’m so shite at remembering we are actually on a dairy free diet. And also when I do remember, it’s when Hannah is about to tuck in to a nice big slice of chocolate cake or something and I don’t have the heart to reinforce a diet that isn’t going to send her into anaphylactic shock. I wonder what I would do if that was the case? Hrmmm… lucky it isn’t.

So her eczema seems to be improving… though I could be imagining things. Or at least I hope I am because this stuff costs a fortune. But if I’m not imagining it… then yay! Decreasing effect of eczema! Win-win! Although if it is working then it means I have to adjust the diet and figure out what is actually causing the eczema. Man this is complicated.

In the mean time I’ll keep on forking out for overpriced magic cures in the hopes that they kid’s skin will improve.


5 thoughts on “Magic cure no. 346

  1. Ugh, we have that cream too. And about 6 others- all costing between $20 and $30! Email me if you ever have any ecezma related questions or need any handy hints. By now I’m a bit of an expert! (At least that one smells nice)


  2. yeah i hit 7 years old and it disappeared – but it recurred again at 14 and 21! expensive as all get out (i think $200?), but an allergy specialist really helped me in the end. better than wasting my money on the miracles creams everyone had recommended to me, i tried everything… oh, and maybe its a mix of stuff – environmental and diet?


  3. Ah poor Han. Re the dairy free…. we have none in the house (cept milk and she has her own ‘special’ milk) so thats how we manage dairy free (amongst other things). Anotehr miracle cream is Apis Derma (from pharmacies) which did work a miracle on my M6Big Hugs hope it works for you xx


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