Devil child does NZNTM

So apparently they are doing a NZ version of America’s next top model. *spew* Even though I’m a total ANTM addict. It just ain’t gonna be the same!

Anyway, in the spirit of gorgeouso modelly types, here are the pics of Hannah from the photoshoot we had with the lovely Lou. The shots were taken quite a while ago, and sorry for those on facebook who have already been subjected to them, but I thought they were too cute to not appear here too.
Lou was absolutely fantastic with Han and just let her do her own little thing and snapped away at the same time – getting such beautiful shots. The top one is my absolute favourite.

So yeah, you too can have your own personal photographer. Lou lives in Auckland but she travels every now and again so don’t hesitate to ask her anyway. I’m pretty sure she’d do overseas too for a small fee – I’ve heard the best venue for photography is the tropical islands 😉

So thanks heaps Louuuuuu. You were fabulous and the pics are wonderful!


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